Why IP Designers Don't Like Surprises!

If it's your job to get a SoC design through synthesis, timing/power closure and final verification, the last thing you need are surprises in new versions of the IP blocks that are integrated into the design. If your IP supplier sends a new version, the best possible scenario is that this is only a small incremental change from what you had before, fixing only those issues that are in the way of final tape-out.

What you really don’t want are unhappy surprises in, for instance, a new Hard IP release. Suppose you requested some sleep-mode power-modeling improvements to be made as the original version showed some doubtful values for several process corners. The new IP release comes in and indeed now all process corners show consistent trends for sleep-mode power usage. But to your horror also all timing characterisation was updated, setting your design closure back by several weeks.

Were the delay modeling updates valid at all? If so, and had you known about them to begin with, the impact would have been studied on a sub-component; workarounds and synthesis adjustments would have been developed before applying a re-run of the entire design.

The problem with IP releases is often simply not knowing what is in there. In particular over time, as subsequent improvements to IP blocks are delivered, these incremental changes need be just that: incremental. Anything else carries the risk of breaking the iterative improvement synthesis cycles that take the design closer to final verification.


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Source: SemiWiki.com
By: Daniel Nenni

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