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Fractal Technologies is a privately held company with offices in San Jose, California and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company was founded by a small group of highly recognized EDA professionals.

Mission Statement

Fractal Technologies is dedicated to provide high quality solutions and support to enable their Customers to validate the quality of internal and external IP’s and Libraries. Thanks to our validation solutions, Fractal Technologies maximize value for its Customers either at the Sign Off stage, for incoming inspection or on a daily basis within the Design Flow process.


Fractal Technologies goal is to become the de facto IP & Library Validation Solutions Provider of reference for the Semiconductors Industry, while staying independent to keep its intrinsic value by delivering comprehensive, easy to use and flexible products.

Fractal Technologies Profile

  • Privately Held and Independently Owned
    • No Venture Capital or Angels Investment
    • Only Strategic Investments would be considered
    • The goal is to keep the company independent in its choices and purely driven by customer dedication
  • Focused, Lean, Flexible and Highly Efficient Cost Structure
  • Fractal Technologies is based on High Quality Standard Products and on a Seasoned Team

Fractal Technologies Management and Staffing

  • Seasoned Executive Management located in California and The Netherlands
    • 3 Executive Managers, including our CEO and CTO cumulating 70 years of EDA experiences in various start-up companies as well as large EDA companies
    • Our Executive Management handles word wide business development and sales strategy, product marketing and technology direction, as well as finances, operations and legal
  • Seasoned Technical Advisory Board led by our CTO

  • R&D based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    • 4 Full-time R&D Engineers and 2 additional Full-time R&D Engineers will join in 2019
    • 3 Consulting R&D Engineers
  • World Wide Customer Support
    • Distributors in Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan
    • 5 Full-time Senior Application Engineers covering North America, Europe, Israel

Fractal Technologies Eco-System

Fractal Technologies Market Penetration Strategy

  • Fractal Technologies is focusing on top tier semiconductor companies who can leverage our SIP Validation solution across the board
    • At first, Fractal is working with their customers on developing and productizing their upgraded validation platform
    • Then, Fractal is helping their customers proliferating the validation platform at the enterprise level
    • Lastly, Fractal and their customers are working on enabling customers’ SIP providers to strengthen the full SIP eco-system
  • Fractal Technologies primary market penetration strategy is currently focusing on
    • Major Fabless companies
    • Major Foundries
    • Major IDM
  • Such strategy is starting to enable Fractal to be adopted by our customers’ 3rd party IP providers
  • Our ultimate goal is to become the cornerstone of the major SIP ecos-systems

Company Organic Growth

Customer Engagements

Geographical Breakdown

Customer Types Breakdown

Crossfire usage model

  • Shift-left: as part of regression testing, quality throughout project life cycle
  • Sign-off: at the end of the project life cycle
  • Internal/External IP: Ensure collateral consistency for IPs developed internally or provided by 3rd-party vendors