IP & Library QA with Crossfire presentation

There is no industry where the need for early bug detection is more paramount than in SoC design. Consequences like design re-spins, missed tape outs and hence missed market opportunities make the cost of late bug detection prohibitive. Where earlier generations of SoC designs could be crafted by a team of limited size that could oversee the entire design process, design in the latest process nodes requires a different strategy. Designer productivity is lagging behind Moore’s law which drives the increase of transistor density. Thus design teams are becoming larger and are comprised of multiple groups spread over the globe.

Outsourcing of design tasks by integrating third-party IP is mandatory to get the job done, but it reduces oversight of the SoC design process and leaves companies at the mercy of the quality strategy implemented by their suppliers. At the same time, modelling of new physical effects using current-driver, variation and electro-migration models paired with an increased amount of PVT corners generate an explosion of data to be analyzed prior to sign-off.

It is clear that QA needs to be a shared responsibility by all partners in the SoC design flow, from library and IP providers to foundry and SoC integrators. Each of these partners needs an integrated QA solution in their part of the design flow. Never should QA be an afterthought to be checked off right before IP delivery.

This webinar intends to cover how Fractal Technologies Crossfire solution addresses these QA challenges from both backend and frontend perspectives and why its standardized and scalable QA methodology is superior to homebrew validation solutions.


- Crossfire presentation
- Crossfire demo

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